Caenator develops and operates unique chips vending machines. Within 2 minutes, the machines produce a delicious portion of crispy chips. A 32-inch touch screen offers narrow casting possibilities during preparation.


The machines are installed at high traffic locations and the commercial results are shared with the location holders. The location holder refills the machine, Caenator provides peace of mind!

Within two minutes delicious crispy chips

Hygienic, safe and little odour/sound

Increases client experience and service level

Cashless’ betalen: veilig en directe cash-flow

Interactive narrow casting during preparation

Caenator provides relief to the location holder

“It makes it possible to be less dependent on staff in a new setting, outside the home.”

– Prof. Hans van Trijp, Professor Marketing and Consumer Behaviour at Wageningen University

“Well… isn’t this tasty”

– Arno Leblanc of the NOS


The Netherlands (European Headquarters)
Nieuwe Kanaal 7D (Food Valley), 6709 PA Wageningen, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)6 51 139 956 | CoC No. 63645327 |